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Kathy's Eyes
Cabinet Maker
Sam and Crew
Three Doors
1969 Camaro
Foggy Harbor
Foggy Harbor 2
Blue Bonnet Field
Turret Arch Through North Window
Portrait 003
Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue
Slot Canyon
Winter Boats
Hard Drive
Power Tower

About me

I am Michael Strycharske.


I literally grew up with a camera in my hands.  My father was a photographer, specializing in Native American Documentary work in the American Mid-West. 

My early work was as a photojournalist in New York and Washington DC where I supplied photos to newspapers and magazines.  I have photographed people, places and things from New York to California, from Spain to Moab Utah. 


People are my favorite subject because they are endllessly interesting and at the same time the most difficult to shoot.  I've done landscapes, real estate and architectural, weddings and other special events, music festivals, parties and business portraits. 


"Capturing those moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

Let's talk

8202 Broken Branch Dr. 

Austin TX 78681

Tel: 512-483-1477 



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